Friday, 3 February 2017

When the Butterflies Come (Rosemary’s Butterflies #2) by Rosemary Ness Bitner #CoverReveal! Check out this #BeautifulCover from Cheeky Covers and get ready for the March 3rd release!

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    An angry David plunges into insanity, forcing his twisted worldview upon his new protégé as his old enemy seeks final revenge. Taking on all comers in the fight of his life he closely guards his dark secrets.
    Barbara loves Bob, but why do Marty and David conspire to keep them apart? It can’t be the business that drives David, so what is it? What unmasks this bizarre evil genius?
    People disappear. Hush money changes hands. Secret keys hide secret files behind secret doors. Suddenly thrust into a life or death situation, Barbara creates a clever plan to hunt down a key piece of evidence. 
    A quiet night is shattered by her dead mother’s voice. A priest who can’t possibly know her makes a mysterious appearance and stirs her to act. Can she risk her family’s trust and money to go away with her man? If they reach the Cedar River, will she have the strength to ford its raging current? 
     Erotic, thrilling, and deeply probative into the debauched thoughts of a ghoulish  psychopath, When the Butterflies Come will haunt you, take your emotions for a roller coaster ride and make you an unshakable believer in true love and the magical spirits of butterflies. 

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