Thursday, 2 February 2017


Can I just go into hiding and read the rest of this authors books? I really haven't read enough and reading this book just confirms that.

I was reading this on my kindle and my phone as I didn't wanna put it down. Mila and Liam got under my skin. I wanted to sit them down and get them to talk.. to let loose what happened in their past and to move on. However this is fiction so the author drags it out (not in a bad way) and I'm left speaking to the screen and telling them to talk.

Mila and Liam. So young yet so much heartache. They needed each other in their lives yet Mila was still fearing her past was gonna catch up with her. Can Liam be strong enough for both of them?

I thought this was a really well written story that gives us a peep into cults. It didn't all end up the way I was hoping but that's life ain't it. Loved the epilogue. 

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