Wednesday, 1 February 2017


#Solis by #EldaLore is now LIVE!! Grab this AMAZING #ParanormalRomance today and prepare to step into the world of the #ModernDescendants!

Title: Solis

Series: Modern Descendants #2

Author: LB Dunbar writing as Elda Lore

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release Date: January 30

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I so fucked this up, I cursed in my head as my hand briskly painted over the canvas. Large, swishing strokes released the anger that welled inside me at my stupidity. However, Veva nearly killed herself racing for the ledge, and just the thought of it sent my heart beating faster than my galloping horse. The relief that she wasn’t hurt had overcome me, and I needed her air to be mine, to reassure me she was safe.
“Stupid girl,” I muttered, as my hand stroked feverishly across the canvas. The blues blended, and the purples pulsed, forcing the forest green to gyrate to the forefront. The painting matched one eye from the multitude spread over her leg and thigh.
“Damn it,” I cursed aloud. Veva had gotten under my skin, furrowing there with her touch, sweltering below the surface with nips and sparks of desire. That kiss wasn’t enough, not even close to being enough of a jolt. Her lips were the sharp prick of a first flame from a lighter, and I wanted the whole bonfire to roar against me, to consume me.
I finished painting and stepped back, never feeling satisfied with my work. The eye stared at me, taunting me, like Veva. Her mouth teased me, but her eyes—there was something haunting about them. A hesitation. A sadness. She’d mentioned a disappearing father and a bitter mother. If only she understood the depth of my tale. Unwanted son, abandoned by mother. Unexplainable power. Yet, somehow I felt like Veva did understand me. Our mouths melding together, hot and fierce, sealed the familiarity I sensed between us. I knew those lips, if only from a dream. The desire to feel such passion haunted me. The feel of them was reminiscent of something I couldn’t bring to the forefront of my mind, but recalled like a distant memory. Had I tasted her before? I’d remember from all my pasts, and yet the refreshing flavor of her juicy lips told me I’d only thirst for her from this day forward. Each drink would be to recall the memory, to savor it, and never forget again who she was to me.

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