Thursday, 23 March 2017


INCENTIVE by Pam Godwin is written in Aleatha Romig's Infidelity World. 

This is part of Kindle Worlds and will only be available on Amazon US Kindle.

GENRE: Erotic Romance

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Desperate men do desperate things.

When Decker Gabrielli hits rock bottom, he accepts a job as a hired companion at Infidelity.

Surrendering a year of his life to a woman he’s never met might be the worst idea ever. But money, prestige, and sex are powerful incentives. That is, until the job becomes more than a contractual agreement.

Hard limits are breached, panties are shredded, and rules are broken.

In the end, his secret to getting ahead is… her.


Incentive, Pam Godwin:


Devoted, A.D. Ellis- Author:

Indiscretion, DeeDee Lorenzo:

Suspicion, Donya Lynne:

Insider, Jillian Jacobs:

Illegitimate, Lulu Astor:

Sacrifice, Rae Riley:

Inheritance, TC Winters:

Manor, Ted Persinger:

These stand-alones are spin-offs of Aleatha Romig's brilliant Infidelity World.

* Available on Amazon US only

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