Thursday 30 March 2017


No matter how I write this review I know I won't be able to give it the credit it deserves. So I'm gonna tell you how I felt while reading it.

When this popped onto my kindle it took a few days to read it. As I've read some previous books by this author I knew I'd need time put aside to inhale it. I knew the author was gonna pull all sorts of feelings out of me so I needed to be prepared. I also knew I wouldn't want the story to end. 

So I found myself on Mothers Day sitting with my kindle and ready to start a book. No better book to start. In my house I declare a strike on this day and do nothing so an ideal day for this book.

I still wasn't prepared enough for the feels I got while reading this book. I rarely cry while reading but I found myself with tears rolling down my face at parts of this. I had goosebumps reading most of it and I was so afraid to read on yet couldn't stop. I needed to believe this author would put the bits of my heart together. 

This is a raw, sad and emotional story told from Francis and Engelas point of view. Their story isn't east but it needs to be told. If your looking for unique, a story like no other then I highly recommend you 1-click.

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