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Double Stuffed Eclairs - new release

Title: Double Stuffed Eclairs

Series: Sweet Things #1

Author: Faith Gibson

Release Date: September 11, 2014




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Annie Mae Dalton’s professional life is pretty sweet. Her bakery, Sweet Things, is doing really well. Her personal life has been almost non-existent. Until now. What happens when not one but three men from her past come storming in at the same time? 

FBI Agent Marcus Anders and Atlanta PD Detective Scott O’Malley are on the hunt for a kidnapper that takes them both back to their hometown of Clarksville, Georgia and to the girl of their high school dreams: Annie Dalton. 

Biker Mitch Rodriquez has been Annie’s on again off again lover for the past 15 years. He is also the half -brother of Marcus Anders. In trying to protect Annie, he inadvertently brings danger into her life. 

Passions are ignited, secrets unravel, trusts are broken, and lives are changed forever.



Excerpt #1

As she was stirring the green beans, the doorbell rang. A lump formed in her throat but she quickly squashed it. This was Marcus. Just Marcus. Instead of going to the door, she yelled for him to come on in.

She knew the moment he was in the kitchen, she could smell him. That manly smell she had noticed the last time they were together. It was a mixture of Aqua di Gio cologne and Marcus. All man. She turned to look at him and her breath caught. He was still in his suit from work. Damn he must have those suits specially made. There’s no way that came off a rack. He was holding a bottle of wine and a bouquet of wildflowers. She whispered, “You remembered.”

He stepped even closer and presented the flowers to her. “I remember everything about you Dollface.” Annie took the flowers and immediately turned away and headed to the pantry to get a vase.

“Well thank you. And you can put the wine in the freezer for now, if you want it chilled.”

Marcus did just that. Then he leaned up against the counter, as he had done countless times in the past, just watching. Annie felt his eyes on her as she moved around the kitchen, stirring this, tasting that, trimming the flowers, putting them in a vase, then onto the middle of the table.

She glanced at him only to notice him sniffing the air. Laughing she asked him, “Did you turn into a werewolf and not tell me? What are you sniffing?”

Grinning at her, “I smell country fried steak, don’t I? You remembered too.”

Annie nodded, “Yeah, I wasn’t sure if you still ate the good stuff though, with all that muscle you’re packing now, you probably only eat grilled meat and raw veggies.” She smirked at him while taking a couple of beers out of the fridge.

“Smartass, I eat my veggies steamed.” He laughed at her while taking the offered beer.

“I don’t want to ruin your appetite, but supper needs to simmer just a few more minutes. Can we sit down and talk?”

“We can do whatever you want.”

Adult Excerpt

Mitch leaned down, put a shoulder to Annie’s stomach and lifted her over his shoulder. He could feel her laughter and the sting of her hand as she smacked his ass. She didn’t struggle against him, this was their game. He walked straight to her bedroom, one he’d shared with her many nights, and tossed her on her bed. He immediately began stripping out of his clothes, not wanting to waste any time getting in her pussy.

“Clothes, Sweetness.” He didn’t have to tell her twice. Annie was always compliant to his demands in the bedroom. Over the years some of his demands had been kinkier than others but Annie had always met him head on, playfully, lustfully, passionately. Tonight wasn’t any different.

Mitch stood at the side of the bed, stroking his cock, watching as Annie knelt on the bed, removing all of her clothes except for her lace thong. Having that small barrier between them drove him crazy and she knew it, but that was her play, every time. He watched her lick her lips as she watched him sliding his hand up and down his long shaft. He waited while she slid her hands up and cupped her breasts. He waited longer while she reached one hand down and cupped her mound.

He didn’t wait any longer when he heard the moan deep in her throat. Leaning into her body with his, they both went down on to the bed, Annie on her back, Mitch on her front. He didn’t have to tell her to spread her legs, they automatically opened for him. He lowered himself so his face was next to her pussy. He let his teeth graze over the lace material, licking her through the thin barrier.

As soon as Annie pressed her back into the mattress and bucked up into his face, he reached down and ripped the thong. That was his play. Wrapping his arms around her thighs, Mitch began his assault on her.

As he was coming down from his Annie induced high, he slowed his pace. His cock was still semi-hard so he used it to feel. To slowly stroke the inside of the most beautiful woman he had ever met. In. Out. In. Out. Oh. So. Slow. Torture was what this was but it was also something he desperately needed. To look, to feel, to remember this moment in time. Softy brushing her hair out of her face, he leaned over and with barely a breath between them, touched his lips to hers. Closing his eyes, Mitch Rodriguez breathed in the breath of the woman he loved. The breath he would take with him forever.

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Author Bio:

Faith Gibson lives just outside Nashville TN with her husband and 4-legged children.  She is waiting on her 2-legged children to give her grandbabies.  When Faith isn't writing she is reading or riding her Harley.  Faith has been writing since high school but just took the chance on putting her works out there.  Writing, whether poetry, songs, or fiction is a great release for her.


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