Monday, 15 September 2014

This Dark Shade - available to pre-order

This Dark Shade is available for pre-order.

Cold, So Cold and Riding Hood are works of dark erotica, horror and suspense, the first offerings from debut authors Alex Demasi and London Beck in the Dark Stirrings series of novella collections. 

COLD, SO COLD by Alex Demasi 

What Maria needs to help her get over the loss of her husband, Sophie insists, is a trip across the world to go tramping in New Zealand's dark, bush-clad hills. But why did Sophie also insist that shy, awkward William come with them too? And when William takes it into his head to help Maria get out of her soaking clothes, she finds herself on the run, in the dark and the rain, falling into a ghostly world of unrequited passion, haunted by a dark spirit whose lust can only be sated with sex and blood, all the while learning the terrible truth that this has all happened before, and that her lost husband may not be lost, or worse, may be more lost than she could ever imagine. 

"The weight of unknown past lives hung heavy on her soul as she reached out to caress his cheek, enduring the chill of his skin beneath her fingers. She leaned closer, close enough to smell his scent of sweat and wood and smoke and tea. Close enough to kiss. She brushed her lips against his, breathing his breath, tasting his despair. 

Stuart pulled away and Maria gasped, the feeling of his lips on hers so real, yet so, so cold." 

RIDING HOOD by London Beck 

Hannah is hitch-hiking to Devil’s Lake in Wisconsin in the hope of reconciling with her estranged childhood friend, Lacey, when she’s picked up by Paul Abner, a smoulderingly hot older man, who offers her a lift. But Hannah’s sudden violent attraction to Abner panics her, causing her to sneak away when the pair stop for gas. Only, when Hannah arrives at the cabin in the woods a day later, Abner is already there, waiting for her, and Hannah’s friend is nowhere to be found… 

"I am on the brink of pain. Of undoing. It is exquisite. His breath is warm on my neck, each exhalation a shock in the cold night air. We are two beasts, male and female, coupling in the forest. I am infused with lust. I hear his grunt in my ear, the rawness of the sound driving me wild, and the heady musk of sex overwhelming."

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