Friday, 27 March 2015

Consolation - my review

This is a brilliantly read emotional roller coaster of a story. Like her previous stories this author grabbed my heart and squeezed it while reading. I'm in awe at how the story pulled me in.  The characters are brilliant and the storyline is faultless. I loved how the Lee and Liam fought their feelings rather than jumping right into bed. On the flip side I didn't feel I needed to bang their heads together to get them into bed. Their timing was perfect...... Or was it!! <<evil grin>>
Even after having read this a few days ago I'm still gasping at that ending!! 

I feel like a two year old now as all I wanna do is throw myself on the floor shouting 'I want the next book now'. Yes it's got a whopper of a cliffhanger that has me begging for the next book asap. In the authors defence I just jumped into this story not looking to see if it was part of a series. However saying that I'm real happy I've read it & looking forward to book two. 

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