Tuesday 14 March 2017

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#OneClick Jessika Klide’s #NewRelease, Unforgettable (The Finale, Book 5 in Siri’s Saga)! The finale in this #EroticRomance series is available with on #Amazon with #KU!!  Don’t forget to stop by to check out the #teaser, read an #exceprt, and enter the #giveaway! 

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“This last of the series is so full of passion, love and what it means to actually find your soulmate. . .  The whole book is perfection…” ~5 Star Goodreads Review (Lisa R.)

“Jessika Klide is an amazing storyteller that sucks you into the book and makes you feel like you are a part of it!! An absolutely phenomenal book and series!!” ~ 5 Star Goodreads Review (Vera M.)

“Jessika Kilde writes amazing romance, there is a heat and passion to her stories that are so good, they hook you in and means you can’t put the book down.” ~5  Star Goodreads Review (Sara)

I reach inside my jacket for my gun, but a heavy hand grabs my arm with steely force before I feel the cool metal of my security. I glance down to look at the hand before I try to snatch my arm away. It has a skull and cross bones ring with rubies for the eyes. Perfect! A bonafide Badass! I lift my foot a few inches, then stomp my heel on the asshole’s boot at the same time I jerk my arm away. My heel slides off the heavy leather without harm and the grip only tightens. I look up to see who is laughing at me, but he is wearing a black hoodie and his face is hidden.
 "You Son Of A Bitch!" I spit. "Get your fucking hand off me!" My hair fans out as I try to shake him off. 
A deep, low, menacing chuckle is the only response I get. Then I see the knife.

>> BLURB <<
Maximus Aurelius Moore and Siri Wright arrive in Vegas to combine their complicated lives, and to give the Alabama crew a bachelor party they will never forget, but before Siri’s last performance as Seary, the dark side of Sin City claims her.

What happens next is ... unforgettable!

Everyone has secrets. Some are better at hiding them.

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