Friday 17 March 2017


This was such a good read. Like I wanna just curse and tell you all you gotta read it. 

Katch Sterling. Oh Katch. I rarely drool over men in a book. To be honest I wouldn't be able to name my top five. However I'm adding Katch to my very short list. He's hot. He's a killer. He's 100% alpha male and I'm claiming him as mine. Yep I might be a little twisted in wanting him. In fact if I thought he'd stop and give me a ride I'd go and hitchhike now:)

I should really be jealous of Caitlin Winslow but I can't. She's a fantastic female character. Her courageous self shone through. 

These two are so opposite. She's a lawyer. He's a killer. Katch gets more than he bargains for when he stops for a hitchhiker. 

This was so much more than an opposite attracts story. It's a romantic suspense with some great twists. I highly recommend this read. 

Two authors coming together under a different name. Awesome idea. Look forward to reading lots more from them in the future.

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