Wednesday, 15 March 2017


****WARNING****This book contains very dark and extremely graphic content, which also includes sexual and physical abuse. This book is not for the easily offended or for the weak hearted, if you still choose to go on this journey with Lyssa and into her madness.....remember that you were warned*****


The only life Lyssa has known is one of torture, abuse and humiliation.  

The shame, loss of dignity and all hope has nearly shattered her already fragile mind.  But even though her sanity is now hanging on by a thread, she knows that revenge will be her salvation, she has nothing left to lose - it's all been taken away.

The sins of her father still haunt her and it's all too much for her fragmented mind.  Then seamlessly, an angel of mercy shows up.

Or has it?  Is Gabe her salvation or her destruction.....




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Emery LeeAnn lives in Ohio with her family. She loves snacking on anything seasoned with cayenne pepper and olive oil and likes to add a touch of flavor to her writings. She believes variety adds spice to your life. Writing in every genre gives her the variety she craves. Her characters like to invade her mind every hour of the day usually waking her up in the middle of the night. Loving the dark and gray side of things, she is exploring her passion and deciding not to settle on one genre to write. There are many wonders to come from her twisted mind in her Wonderland…..she hopes you enjoy this taste of things to come

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