Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Neverland - cover reveal

#CoverReveal ➠ NEVERLAND by Melissa Jane is releasing October 2nd!

#CoverDesign ➠ Sarah Paige, Opium House Creatives

Goodreads ➠


On a fateful, stormy night, a ghost from the past revealed himself under the glow of a street lamp.  A ghost whose smile was as cold and dangerous as his heart.

He remembered her well.

She was the one everyone talked about. The poor girl down the street born into a family of monsters. The one he’d obsessed over, taunted and harassed.

The very same girl who’d one day suddenly disappeared.

Accepting his hand, he lifted her off the dirty, vile street and whispered a promise, “No good deed comes without payment,” and from that day on, she was destined to pay the ultimate price.

Seeing her for the first time since she’d vanished all those years ago, had only made him realize his obsession never truly ended.

And now, with a promise to keep, he was going to make her disappear again…

this time forever.

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