Friday, 10 August 2018

Slick - cover reveal


Title: Slick 

Series: Mad World #1

Author: Sherell Cummings 

Genre: New Adult/ Romance Suspense 

Release Date: January 6, 2019


Why should a total stranger gain a profit selling something that wasn’t theirs to sell? Those were the thoughts of Izabella Shaw, a young sales clerk from Brookdale Nevada. After overhearing a conversation one night, her normal humdrum trying to make ends meet life, suddenly fell into downward spiral, of hurt and torment at her own hands. She thought that with the money they made, she and her brother Reed could gain financial freedom from all the debt their drug addict mother left behind after her death. So the plan was set and a few weeks later she was sold.

With one year spent in captivity and the death of a man on her hands, she found freedom with the help of a mysterious stranger, who had her charmed by his good looks and his ability to make her wet with one kiss. With her freedom and a better life now on the horizon, her happiness was once again cut short when she realized that Reed should not have been trusted. There was no money, and she was now being sold again. Only this time without her permission.

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