Monday, 1 July 2019

Cheekypee Spotlights her Signed Books - day one

📚Cheekypee spotlights her signed books ðŸ“š 

This is my second week spotlighting my signed books. A few weeks ago I looked at my books & thought I really do need to shout about these more so that’s what I’m gonna try & do.

Let me introduce you to this weeks author.. 

I started chatting to Tony in sept 2017. Well maybe I started stalking him lol I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw he was going to be signing at my first ever signing. Although I was a bundle of nerves I went straight to his table (he shared the table with 2 other awesome authors that I’ll be spotlighting later on in the year ).

Well Tony is a true gentleman. He greeted me warmly and put me at ease. It was great meeting him in person after reading & loving his first novel.

Tony has a nice collection of novels out now & I’ve read and loved each one of them. With another coming out soon I’m looking forward to reading that as well. 

Tony is a great author who loves to chat about his books. His inbox is always open to chat about his characters :)

Feel free to stalk me this week as I spotlight my signed book. 

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