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Our Naked Souls - blog tour


Our Naked Souls, a contemporary romance by debut author Alessandra Vitale is now LIVE and FREE in Kindle Unlimited!


★5 STAR REVIEWS on Goodreads★

“Wow. I'm mind-blown. This book was full of such beautiful, haunting words, it gave me the chills. It's a story about pain, trauma, blackness, demons, and how one person can heal you and help you overcome it all.”



“This is a story that starts off with two broken souls, navigating their life through their grief, their anger, their fears but morphs into a story of healing, overcoming, THRIVING”



“** spoiler alert ** This Story is astounding, heartbreaking, and beautiful. Be prepared to cry a lot. From page 1 I couldn’t put it down, there were times I have to stop and walk away but no for long..”


Our Naked Souls by Alessandra Vitale


Cover design by Alessandra


Genre: Contemporary romance


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A bad man once broke me, leaving me trapped in a cage built out of my own shame. Shackled to the bars of the past.

Afraid. Lonely. Unable to move on.

Then, I met him.

Beautiful, intense, and stuck in a cage of his own. He makes me want to live again. I want to save him. I want him to save me.

But good guys don’t like ruined girls. And even if he did, would I have the courage to break free, and learn to fly again?

For him?



A sad woman once broke me, leaving a crater in my chest I’ll never fill again.


Crippled by past mistakes and present fears.

Then, I met her.

Enchanting, stunning, and in pain. I want to love her. I want her to love me.

But she doesn’t deserve to fall into the abyss of my broken soul. I should stay away and yet, I can’t let her go. Am I strong enough to become a better man?


A debut novel. Really? Wow after reading this I’m hoping the author plans to write loads more as this was a brilliant read. As soon as I started reading I was hooked. This storyline is addictive. 

Arabel and Lorenzo brought so many emotions out of me. Their story is intense and full of feelings. 

This is a beautiful well written story that will stay with me for a long time. There are triggers so may not be for everyone. 

Can’t wait to read more from this author. 


Alessandra Vitale is an author that hates to talk about herself in third person so…


Hey! I’m Alessandra. I love to write and can’t imagine life without pouring my heart and soul onto a page, physical or digital. I graduated with a degree in psychology that I didn’t use for long but that now helps me write emotional, healing stories. A few years ago, I met my parents’ neighbor, and within days I knew he was the one. We now live by The Blue Ridge Parkway with our little girl Ella, our dog Rex, and two adorable (albeit loud) Australian budgies. Oh, and about a dozen crazy chickens. I love aerial dance, music, and baking. I’m obsessed with the British band Muse, which I force my family to listen to often (but it’s okay because I bake for them all the time). When I'm not writing, I'm enjoying the beauty of our forty-acre wood,reading, talking with my friends about books, and hanging out with my husband and little human.



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