Sunday, 1 November 2020

Shallow River - new release



Shallow River, a Dark Thriller Standalone Romance, by H.D. Carlton is now LIVE!

Title: Shallow River

Author: H.D. Carlton

Release Date: November 1st

Genre:  Dark Romance. Thriller

 Cover Designer - Chris Schade


Shallow Hill is where souls suffer slow and miserable deaths.

When River McAllister escaped from Shallow Hill, she left her innocence behind--and some of her sanity, too. Now she's rebuilding her life with her dream man and life couldn't be better.

Ryan Fitzgerald is everything you'd want in a man. Attractive, rich, an aspiring lawyer, and would do anything to keep River. But that's not the only thing that attracts her. It's his attentiveness, his possessiveness... maybe not so much his temper.

When her relationship takes a dark turn, Ryan's estranged brother, Mako, is the only one who sees it. He knows exactly what Ryan is capable of, and it's not the first time he had to be a knight in shining armor.

River came from Shallow Hill, though. She's never needed saving before. What Mako doesn't see is that River is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. 

The only one who should be scared is Ryan. 

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Oh my dayz. I have no words. How can I possibly review a book that literally consumed me from start to finish. When I wasn’t reading this (yes life happens and I had to put my kindle down) I was thinking about the book. I even synced it to my kindle app on phone and read pages when I could.  

What genre is this?? I’m not sure. Is mess with your head a genre? I highly recommend you jump into this blind.

 It’s so so good and will definitely be a top favourite of mine this year (and I’ve read plenty). What’s the story about? I’m not gonna rehash the story. Just jump in and get lost in these lives, these words. 

I really hope this author writes more like this. 

Oh I will say River is an amazing character. I want to be her friend :) 

Author Bio:

H. D. Carlton grew up in a small town in Ohio. She suffers by the hands of Mother Nature cursing the area with all four seasons in the span of a week. By day, she does boring adult stuff, by night, she’s putting her imagination into words as her cat climbs all over her. She published a few poems back in her days, but now she is devoted to turning poetry into stories. Stories that feature wicked worlds and the worst kind of villains that don’t talk about themselves in third person.

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