Friday, 3 March 2017



An Action-Adventure Thriller
Book 1 of the High Adventure series!
Readers say:
“An ‘Indiana Jones’ style adventure with a little romance, a little more
God, and a lot more adventure and action.”
“A fast-paced adventure like I have not enjoyed in quite some time.”
“A great adventure! I loved this book and can’t wait to read another
book by Dunn.”
"High Adventure: The Solomon Ring of Kilimanjaro starts with a bang and
doesn't let up. It's a fast-paced, fun read that I wholeheartedly
enjoyed."Amanda Luedeke, Literary Agent & Author

Stranded in British East Africa during the First World War, missionary
pilot Jack Benjamin braves crocodile-infested streams, savage warriors,
and diabolical deathtraps to rescue his danger-prone fiancΓ©e, Amanda
Regent, from Imperial German soldiers.
With his modified Avro 504 biplane and his loyal Maasai warrior friend,
Mayani, he races to protect the ancient and mysterious Solomon Ring,
hidden within a secret chamber of Mount Kilimanjaro. According to
legends from the Kikuyu tribe, who have sworn an oath to defend the
treasure, the Ring will impart the supernatural wisdom of King Solomon
to anyone who wears it. Can Jack arrive in time to save Amanda and stop
the Germans from using the Solomon Ring in battle to conquer all of

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