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Trapped: Until You Love Me- amazon tour

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Louisa hates Ash Springs more than anything. She dreams of escaping the tiny village in the Nevada desert, of finding excitement and adventure. On a camping trip to Sequoia National Park with her four brothers, she meets the mysterious Brendan, and her life takes a dramatic turn… because for Brendan, it’s not a chance encounter at all. He’s been meticulously planning every step of Louisa’s abduction.
Brendan whisks her away to the Canadian wilderness, an endless expanse of spruce trees and blue sky, populated only by wolves and ermines. He tells her she’s the light in his darkness.
As her days of imprisonment turn to weeks, Louisa is forced to confront not only her own desperate terror, but Brendan’s traumatic past as well. Soon he becomes more to her than just her captor, which throws Louisa into a maelstrom of conflicting emotions: sympathy, need, even... love?

Can she love her kidnapper?
And just how dangerous is Brendan?

“A fascinating mixture of dark romance, crime thriller, and coming-of-age story, highly atmospheric and full of ominous intensity […]. Trapped: Until you love me is about kidnapping, stalking, and love, but above all, it is an authentic psychological exploration of the grey areas between strength and weakness, between good and evil.” (Petra Ottkowski, creative writing professor)

Trapped: Until you love me (original title: Entführt: bis du mich liebst) was one of Amazon Germany’s top ten E-books of 2016, with nearly a quarter of a million copies sold, and spent more than six months on the BILD Magazine bestseller list.

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Wow. I certainly didn’t expect that. I started this on an evening expecting to read a few chapters and then leave until the next day. Nope that didn’t happen as I ended up reading into the early hours to finish it. I just couldn’t put it down. 

Louisa is having a tough time with her dad. Forced on a camping trip with him and her brothers she finds herself walking to the store as she forgot to bring the lanterns. There she meets Brendan who changes her life completely. 

Although there was slow parts to the story I was glued to my kindle. 

This was a brilliantly written story. Only for I read that it was translated into English I wouldn’t have known. Job well done. Can’t wait to read more from this author. 

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