Sunday 17 May 2020

Cocky Duke - new release


Cocky Duke by Annabelle Anders

Mrs. Ambrosia Bloomington, now a widow, is ready to start a new life amongst Mayfair elites without the overarching reach of her late husband, Mr. Harrison Bloomington.  With her trunks loaded safely onto her own private carriage, she’s ready to face the world as an independent woman in Regency London.

She does not, however, bargain for cocksure Frenchman, Mr. Charles Cochran Bateman coming along and turning her very ordinary journey into the adventure of a lifetime.

She does not bargain for his laughter, his enthusiasm, nor his Joie de vie.

And blast and fiddlesticks, she certainly is not expecting to experience the sparks that charge the air between them.

And, it seems, apparently, neither is he…


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This is my first read of the Cocky Hero Club. I’ve gotta say I surprised myself by liking this as I don’t usually like books set way in the past. As this is set in the early 1800s I’d definitely have skipped it. However I’m glad I read it. 

Aubrie is a widow on her way to London for a new start. While travelling she meets Chance and their story is more than they wished for. 

I love how the story was told- two parts with two points of view. Great story that pulled on my heartstrings

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