Friday 22 May 2020

Hell Hath No Fury - blog tour

@rcboldtauthor  brings us an unforgettable tale of loss, betrayal, and revenge in the romantic suspense standalone, Hell Hath No Fury...

Seven years ago, they took everything from me. My father. My husband. My child.

When they stole my chance at justice, I vowed to get revenge.

Then I met him.

He tempts that long-lost part of me, but his presence is a reminder that betrayal lurks around every corner.

Their biggest mistake is underestimating my commitment for vengeance.

They don’t realize that when it comes to a woman like me, hell hath no fury.


Can’t believe this is my first read by this author. What’s going on lol wow I’m speechless. This is a brilliant read. I started it last night and as soon as I got up this morning I finished it. There was no way I was gonna do anything until I’d finished it. 

Caitlin is an amazing character. She’s is seeking revenge and will do whatever it takes to get it. I was with her all the way through this. I was rooting for her to get what she needed. She is everything I wanted in a main female character. 

Brilliant storyline with plenty of twists and turns. I wanna scream and shout about this book as it’s so so good. 

If your looking for a well written story about seeking revenge then grab this and read it. You won’t regret it. 

Download your copy today! 

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