Sunday 31 May 2020

Fateful Fighter - new release

Fateful Fighter by Kathy Coopmans

“I want a divorce.”
No woman wants to say those words. No woman who is still in love with her husband anyway.

Our marriage has been tested, repeatedly.
It’s been dragged through tabloids and rumors and fans that just won’t let us be.
Through it all, we’ve remained unbreakable.

We didn’t have the perfect marriage because perfection doesn’t exist.
But we had love. We had trust. We had chemistry that to this day sets everything inside me on fire.

Then one life-threatening statement creates a chain of lies that leaves me no choice but to say those horrible words.

I never thought I’d say them.

I never thought my husband would ignore me when I did.

I never thought the man I love would sever the vows we took.

I never thought I’d pack my bags and move from our home in L.A. to our getaway cottage in Hermosa Beach.

Then again, I never thought he'd choose the fate of his life over his fate with me.


Wow what a story. I’ve been reading and loving some heavy books lately and fancied a change. I thought this would hit the spot. Well I’m not sure if it did or not as it was totally not what I expected. It gave me all the feels and now I want to inhale each and every one of this authors books. 

Eden and Masons story touched me. I felt my heart breaking for them and kept hoping the author would put their relationship back together along with my heart. It’s told really well . 

Sucked me in from start to finish. A flawless story with great depth. Totally not what I was expecting and I loved it even more than I thought I would.


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