Thursday, 31 March 2016

Snap - my review

Oh my dayz I've just finished this awesome book and I'm speechless. I read half of this last night and all day today it was calling out to me until I was able to sit and finish it. Now I'm sitting here thinking I need to write a review before I jump into book two and I know my words are not gonna do this book justice.

Firstly why has it taken me so long to read this. I really feel my friends should have said 'hey you need to read Snap by Tara Dawn'. 

Hazel is a strong determined and feisty female. She works hard and enjoys partying with her best friend Cady. 

She agrees to go on a date with Phil but her guts is telling her to stay clear. Things get complicated when he starts stalker her. What is he really looking for?? 

Her knight in shining armour saves her in the nick of time in the form of Cash when Phil steps up his game.

This is a brilliant romantic psychological suspenseful read that had me gripped. I'm so looking forward to jumping into book two. 
Highly recommend this read:) 

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