Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Second Chances at the Log Fire Cabin - blog tour


It’s time to cosy up this winter…

When Roxy proposes to her boyfriend Mac in a moment of madness on live TV, she’s mortified when he rejects her. To escape the embarrassment, she takes a job working as cookery assistant at a Christmas house party at the idyllic Log Fire Cabin. Roxy hopes the new job will take her mind off Mac, because to her eternal annoyance, she hasn’t been able to stop thinking about him…

But when Mac turns up at the cabin in unexpected circumstances, things begin to go awry. Can Roxy heal her own heart this Christmas? Or is someone waiting in the wings to help her…?


‘Roxy?’ he said, and my heart lurched at the look in his eye.
‘Yes?’ I sounded a little breathless.
‘Mulled wine?’
He pointed at the presentation box that was lying on the floor.
‘Oh. Yes.’ Smiling, I picked it up and took it through to the kitchen, then proceeded to unpack it with a grimace. As I stirred the ingredients on the hob, I heard the TV go on, blaring with some football match.
I’m actually not that keen on mulled wine. I remember telling Jackson this but I suppose he must have forgotten, and he looked so pleased with himself when he presented me with the package that I couldn’t bear to spoil his fun.
In the end, I managed to throw down almost a whole glass of the revolting stuff while we decorated the tree, hiding my impulse to gag fairly well, before depositing the rest in an ornamental jug on a nearby side table.
And now, lounging back happily on the sofa, gazing at the newly decorated tree, while Jackson makes a business call in the kitchen, I’m feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.
If I’m honest, the reason I’m feeling so blissed out and warm on this freezing late November night has less to do with the real tree (my first ever) or the effect of the mulled wine – and rather more to do with the fact that I think I might be in love.
In fact, I’m sure I am.

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