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The PawLife Guide: Dog Care at Home

DOG CARE AT HOME gives you the information you need to have a happy and healthy dog no matter what your dog’s current stage in life, in just 10 minutes a day. Over 200 hours of research including interviews with veterinarians and fellow dog owners around the world,

Dog Care at Home is the all-in-one book to have at home, with six veterinarians that have contributed to this ultimate guide, rest assured you are in reliable hands.

Inside you will discover:

- Choosing the right breed
- The basic steps of raising a puppy
- What vaccinations are for and why your dog needs them
- Travelling with your dog
- How to perform CPR on your dog
- Health and hygiene including dental care
- Choosing the right veterinarian
- When it’s time to say goodbye
- And much more!

PawLife’s Dog Care at Home is the answer for all your dog parenting needs in one comprehensive guide that ensures your dog lives a long, healthy and happy life.

Author Bio
Gina is an enthusiastic dog lover, so much so that she founded her own dog blog business called PawLife, which has been awarded top 10 Australian Dog Blog. This wouldn't be possible without her best friend Harley, who is a toy poodle mix. They are continually going on new adventures, testing out new squeaky toys.

Gina recently discovered her writing passion and wanted to create the ultimate guidebook that would support, educate and inspire pet parents and yet to be pet parents around the world. Gina and Harley are originally from Australia, where the weather is always beautiful. This is Gina's first book and looks forward to writing many more to help fellow pet-parents; with her fur-baby Harley by her side.

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Are you ready?
When it comes to owning a dog or any animal it comes with great responsibility as you are responsible for their life. I’ve had pets all my life and each pet (dog and cat) lived very long healthy and happy lives. But sometimes sadly, not all pets get to have the same life.

That’s where PawLife’s Guide: Dog Care at Home will help guide you through the process of asking yourself some tough questions before you get a dog.

Below is an extract from chapter one that will have you tackle some hard questions. PawLife Guide: Dog Care at Home is available now at on eBook and hardcover.

Chapter 1: Are you ready?

In theory, owning a dog is all well and good, but have you asked the hard question of why you want a dog in the first place? Before you set off to buy or adopt a dog, no matter what age the dog is there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. Owning a dog is a huge responsibility. There are good times, but there are also sad times. Are you prepared for both?

• Are you bored or lonely?
• Do you want companionship? Do you
• want to adopt a dog to keep another dog company?

If you are bored and just want something to do each day, consider doing something other than walking around pet stores or shelters looking for a dog. If you buy a new pair of shoes that don’t fit right or don’t match your wardrobe, you can return them.

With a dog, it’s not that simple. It would be cruel to keep a dog for a few days or weeks and then return it. The dog wouldn’t understand what was going on and could have issues dealing with the abandonment. Maybe you’re lonely and just want some company.

A lot of people own dogs simply because they feel as though they need something to help ease the void in their lives. It could be as simple as their spouse always being away at work. If this sounds like you, the question to ask yourself is, will you still feel lonely even if you
have a dog?

It might be companionship you’re looking for. You’re happy with your life, you’re not bored or lonely, but maybe you feel as though you have more to share. Owning a dog for companionship is a good idea—if you have the time to share your life with your dog. If you want a dog to keep another dog company, it would pay to keep in mind that dog ownership can be very demanding and adding another dog to the household could put pressure on your living situation.

Think about how much you currently spend on your dog each month, from worming through to vet visits, toys and food. Now double that cost. If your existing dog is alone for most of the day, adding another dog to the mix could be a good idea. They would keep each other company, play together and build a bond.

Questions to ask before buying a dog:
• Do you have space?
• Do you have the money?
• Do you have the time?

Loving the book? PawLife Guide: Dog Care at Home is available now at on eBook and hardcover and is jammed packed with essential information in owning a dog no matter their life stage. With six veterinarians that have contributed to Dog Care at Home you know you are good hands.


Gina & Harley



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