Wednesday, 20 May 2020

The Weight of Small Things - blog tour


Nine-year-old Frankie Appleton likes to count gates. One day she hopes to design the perfect gate - a gate to keep the bad things out. Little does she know that the bad things have already got in. Now her mother is dead, and the only other person with a house key has disappeared. Frankie thinks she knows who it is. But first she has to prove it. A delicately brutal exploration of what lies behind closed doors, and the secrets and lies that form the fabric of every family, The Weight of Small Things is as charming as it is chilling. 


I read this book about a week ago and I’ve been struggling to review it. It’s such a great book that no matter what I say won’t give it the credit it deserves. 

Frankie is a strong likeable nine year old girl. We get told most of the story from her point of view. Her story isn’t an easy read but a story that needs to be told sadly. 

From the way the story is written to the storyline and characters the author had my attention from start to finish. I can usually inhale a book in one sitting but I didn’t with this one. Maybe it’s the topics included or I just wanted to savour the words. Great praise to the author on bringing certain topics to the forefront. I’ll certainly be recommending this story to my reader friends.


Author Julie lives in Staffordshire where she was born. She worked in academic and public libraries - writing in her spare time. She has been a travel agent, a university admissions assistant and a volunteer counsellor. She loves true crime and crime fiction. This is her first novel.   

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