Friday, 23 December 2016

STAY- my review

I read half of this book last night and was up early to finish it. For me this wasn't a dark read as I've read much darker. Having said that don't ignore the authors warning as it is there for a reason.

Fallyns life didn't start off well with a family lacking of love and an abusive father. A stranger, Giano enters her life and changes it totally. He takes her into his home and raises her as his daughter. When secrets are revealed can their relationship survive? 

This story comes with two epilogues. Yes you can decide which to read. I read both and still wanna throw my kindle lol 

I seriously can't fault this story. It's been a long time since I read a book with my morning coffee so that alone deserves five stars from me. The storyline and the characters ticked the right boxes for me. It wound me up enough that I wanted to throw my kindle-heck I crave books that brings the feels out in me so I'm definitely giving this a big fat five stars. 

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