Thursday, 17 December 2015

It Started in Texas - my review

As a blogger I went through a stage of reading rockstar romances. I read so many that I had my fill so I stopped reading them. Then M.B. Feeney lets us know she's releasing a full length novel & that was it I wanted to read it. I'm so glad I read it as I absolutely loved it. She's brought the sexy rocker love back into my life:)

Charlotte travels to Texas on a trip of a lifetime. She goes to meet her online friends to see her favourite band play live. 
When Charlotte meets her idol Gage Weston the attraction is mutual. I was so jealous as I wanted Gage for myself. I kept thinking what's gonna happen when Charlotte goes bank to the UK. Nope I'm not gonna say. You need to 1-click to find out. 

I adored this book. The main characters were brilliant. I loved the secondary characters. They added so much to the story. 

I love how Charlotte came across as a 'normal' person. This author has a great talent of portraying her characters as real and she rocked it with this story. 

Loved it:)

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