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The Spitfire Girl: Over and Out – Fenella J. Miller

About the book

All's fair in love and war for First Officer Ellie as she takes to the skies yet again in the final instalment of Fenella Miller's Spitfire Girl series.

1943, White Waltham.
As Italy surrenders and victory looms on the horizon, Ellie's doing what she does best – flying. And this time, she's rising to the sky in four-engined Halifaxes. Determined to keep doing her bit, Ellie's successes in the airfield mount but so do tensions with her new beau, Squadron Leader Jack Reynolds.
When Ellie and Jack find their dream home, they discover they've bought more than they bargained for. With a cellar full of secrets, Jack and Ellie must stand united in the face of mystery, war and loss. And as family circumstance threatens to tear them apart, Ellie and Jack are stronger than ever.

About the author

Fenella J Miller was born in the Isle of Man. Her father was a Yorkshire man and her mother the daughter of a Rajah. She has worked as a nanny, cleaner, field worker, hotelier, chef, secondary and primary teacher and is now a full time writer. She has over thirty eight Regency romantic adventures published plus four Jane Austen variations, three Victorian sagas and seven WW2 family sagas. She lives in a pretty, riverside village in Essex with her husband and British Shorthair cat. She has two adult children and three grandchildren.

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‘Jack Reynolds, just the man I wanted to see,’ Nigel, Amanda’s husband, yelled from the other side of the Mess at the White Waltham ferry pool.
‘Good to see you. Bloody awful weather. Are you grounded?’
‘’Fraid so, old chap. Amanda’s stuck at Hamble so won’t be home tonight. She’ll stay at the cottage with your wife. Like a fool I gave her my door keys so can’t get into my house. Can I bunk down at your billet?’
‘There’s usually an empty bed at the pub. Has Frankie announced that there’s going to be no deliveries done today?’ Jack hoped this was correct.
‘Not the foggiest, but spoke to the Met girl and she said it’s set for the next twenty-four hours. Visibility is going to get worse as it gets dark.’
‘February’s always a shocking month. How are you liking delivering the big boys? Didn’t you do the conversion course for Class V last month?’
‘I certainly did. Like you I prefer to fly a Spit or a Hurry, but we do what we’re told. I heard on the grapevine that some of the girls are going to convert this year – can’t see how they can fly something so cumbersome. They can be absolute buggers in a crosswind.’
‘Ellie’s not said anything about it – but then we’ve hardly seen each other recently. I’m trying to persuade her to ask for a transfer here as it would make life so much easier for both of us.’
‘Have you asked Frankie if he’d be happy to have another woman on his books? We’ve only got three and they’re massively outnumbered. I wouldn’t want Amanda based here as there are too many predatory chaps on the lookout for a pretty girl for my liking.’
‘I did speak to him and he’d be delighted to have her. She’s a better pilot than many of the guys and certainly has more hours in her logbook.’
‘Then I wish you luck. Maybe if you found the perfect house first then she’d be hard-pressed to refuse. Good God, use your loaf and some of the money she inherited from that Dunlop chappie.’
‘Excuse me, I’m going to ring the pub and make sure there’s a bed for you tonight.’ He didn’t want to discuss the fact that Ellie was rich and that it had come from her previous fiancé. Greg had been a decent sort of bloke, but his leaving a massive fortune to her hadn’t helped their relationship.
It wouldn’t be so bad if he was still whole. Losing his bloody hand in Africa two years ago had made him less of a man in his opinion. He could fly fighters, no problem, one-handed, but wasn’t prepared to tackle anything bigger even though Frankie had suggested he could do it.
He would have thought when that German bomber had landed on the air raid shelter last Christmas it would have brought them closer but, if anything, the reverse was true. He couldn’t help resenting the fact that she was richer than him – he didn’t give a damn that she was higher ranked than him, but he was old-fashioned enough to think she should be living under the same roof with him as they were married.
As he walked past the ops room one of the admin girls poked her head through the hatch. ‘Jack, can you find Nigel for me? His wife is on the phone and says it’s urgent.’
‘Okay, he’s in the Mess. I’ll get him.’
As far as he knew, the entire country was blanketed in freezing rain and no one was airborne so it couldn’t be bad news. He hung around outside just in case his friend needed to talk after the phone call.
Nigel came out beaming. ‘Congratulate me, Jack, I’m going to be a father sometime in the summer. Amanda’s been chucked out of the ATA and will be living permanently with me in future.’
‘That’s brilliant news. Congratulations. I’m very happy for you both.’

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