Friday, 3 April 2020

The Vanity of Roses - blog tour

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Callan Rose.
That hadn’t always been his name.
When we were children, he was nothing more than a servant boy in my family.
He was an amusement to me. 
A nobody. 
A weak soul who refused to fight back.
It was so easy to take advantage. 
But then my father died, and I was stolen. The family moved on without me. Until I was penniless with no place to go.
I returned to the Rose Estate not knowing Callan was the head of it.
He’d honed his body and temper in the underground fighting ring. The scars only made him more beautiful. 
Now I’m trapped by a seductively dark man who has nothing but vengeance running through his veins.
I’d always wanted him to fight back, but you know what they say:
Be careful what you wish for.


Oh wow. What an epic story. This author has an amazing unique way with words and this is certainly one of her best. I’m in awe of her. 

The Vanity of Roses gave me the escapism that I needed. From the start the author grabbed my attention and tore me away from the real world for a fantastic few hours. 

Callan. Well what can I say. Obviously a fantastic name (I’m not biased at all lol ) I couldn’t help but love him. Lisbeth is another brilliant character. These two were so good together. 

I can’t praise this author highly enough. This is a brilliant bully romance that is a must read. 

Can’t wait to read more from this author.

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