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Chelsea - new release

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Book: Chelsea

Series: The Club Girl Diaries 2

Author: Addison Jane

Genre: MC Romance

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Chelsea spent most of her life running.


She was young when her parents were killed, and she was thrown into the system as just another statistic. One foster home after another, hell after hell. When things got too hard, her first instinct was to get out and fast.


She didn’t mind being a club girl. Who wouldn't want a group of possessive alpha males on your side and in your bed? The freedom and the lifestyle allowed her to spread her wings while the rules and bylaws kept everyone in line. It was comfortable – safe.


But while her head told her she was happy, her heart reminded her constantly of what she really wanted – Brothers by Blood President, Optimus. He was a brooding asshole who was sexy, loyal and pushed the boundaries of both her body and her mind. He never let her all the way in, but she still couldn't stay away from him – he was addictive.


Optimus had only one rule – family comes first.


He knew that sometimes sacrifices needed to be made in order to keep the ones he loved safe. He'd done it before and he would do it again.


Being President of the Brothers by Blood MC meant he couldn't show any weakness. His feelings for Chelsea were off the charts, but so far he'd managed to hide them and keep her at an arm’s length thinking he was protecting her. Beautiful, athletic and sassy, she wasn't just another club girl, she was HIS girl.


Danger is fast approaching and Chelsea is in its direct sight. Will it be too late for Optimus to show Chelsea how he really feels? And when secrets are revealed will Chelsea stay and stand beside the man she wants or will the urge to run just be too strong?


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What Others Are saying


This is an OMG read, one you won't want to miss..The writing just keeps getting better.
*****5+ STAR***** ~ Goodreads Review


32% in and I'm in love. never seen an author do an mc book from the club whores opinion and i love it. ~ Evocative Book Reviews


This book kept me on the edge of my seat I really didn’t know what was going to happen next and some of things were so surprising that were heartbreaking as well. I loved this book and the characters and the way this book ended just let me say OMG the author better be working on the next already cause my heart can’t handle it. ~ Book Boyfriend Heaven


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About The Author


Hi! I am Addison Jane.

I come from a small country called New Zealand.

I’ve always had an intense love for reading and writing and have filled pages and pages worth of stories since I was at high school. 

My favorite genre is romance, specifically MC, rock star and young adult. I have a soft spot for a bad boy with a heart.

I’m a single parent of a beautiful little girl. We live in a quiet small town and I have a small but fantastic group of close friends.

My other passion in life is working with kids! I work with them part time and one day have plans to also write children’s stories and get my mum, who is a great artist, to illustrate them.

I am fortunate enough to have an excellent support base, whom without them, I would never have stepped out of my comfort zone and pushed myself to share my writing with you all!



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