Thursday, 17 September 2015

Darkness Follows - my review

Oh wow. What a story. Make sure you read book one before reading this book as its a continuation of Emily and Seths story.

Book one Darkness Lurks was brilliant. The ending had me in knots. Thankfully I was able to jump right into this and keep reading. The storyline continued at a fast pace. The twists and turns had me gripped. I find it hard to review without spoiling it as you may not have read book one yet. All I want to say is get reading as its brilliant. 

Be warned when you start this series that book three is out in October. After the big cliffhanger (grab alcohol kinda cliffhanger) in this book you will need to know that. 

Also know it's a one sitting kinda read. Make sure you got the time to read it as you won't want to put it down.

Don't be a plonker like me and put cookies in while reading this and forget about them. Yep that's exactly what I did. This might be a clue to how brilliant these books are. Really looking forward to Darkness Falls. I need it now! 

I'm doing a happy dance now as I see the author has more books to sink my teeth in. 

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